Our ONE Company Per Sector Philosophy

At Digitally Brilliant our philosophy is working with ONE Company Per Industry Sector. We are not interested in working with multiple companies in a single industry sector: eg SEO For Lawyers, SEO For Recruiters etc. This can have the effect of narrowing expertise and becoming a one-trick pony. There are justifiable reasons for Agencies to take this approach, such as lower costs due to economy of effort over more than one campaign per sector, becoming an expert in a sector and ability to prove success in a sector. This all can be advantageous if not competing for the same clients (Distance/Location/expertise/offerings/target market etc). Ethics and Conflict of Interest are inherant when you have several clients in the same industry. Where do you draw the line if you are promoting more than one client for the same business targets? Is it the Bigger Budget? Better Relationship? Is it the Locality? Reality check - Working with more than One Business in One Sector definitely throws up moral and ethical issues. We do things differently at Digitally Brilliant. We are still experts in many Sectors, but by promoting just ONE COMPANY - WE CAN GROW WITH YOU! YOUR SUCCESS becomes OUR SUCCESS. We increase our fees over time on agreed success measures, which means we have already proven our value to your company before we agree on any further spending. We can then concentrate on Dominating the Industry with ONE Client and one point of Promotion, not several clients who all pay the same but do not equally reap the rewards.

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